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The Rock Manual  - version 2007

This site contains the  pdf's of the various chapters.
Also errata and updates are presented on this site.

For further information is referred to:  (English version)
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     After signed in, go to ""Knowledge Base', select "content by themes", select "coastal and marine", select "Guidance download", select "more".
     When everything is correct you find the the Rock Manual.
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     Voor Nederlandse relaties is de engelse versie met korting verkrijgbaar bij de CUR   (version francais)
     click on "Manuel sur l'utilisation des enrochements dans les ouvrages hydrauliques"

Note: in 2014 CETMEF merged into Cerema (Centre d'études et d'exertise sur les risques , l'environnement, la mobilité et l'aménagement).

Note: pdf's are in low resolution.

English version 
(original edition 2007 with blue marks)

preface, etc
chapter 1 - Introduction
chapter 2 - Planning and designing rock works
chapter 3 - Materials
chapter 4 - Physical site conditions and data collection
chapter 5 - Physical processes and design tools
chapter 6 - Design of marine structures
chapter 7 - Design of closure works
chapter 8 - Design of river and canal structures
chapter 9 - Construction
chapter10 - Monitoring, inspection, maintenance and repair
appendix 1 - Model construction specifications
appendix 2 - Risk assessment for the handling of armourstone
back cover

English version 
(reprint 2012, B/W)

preface, etc
chapter 1 
chapter 2 
chapter 3
chapter 4  
chapter 5  
chapter 6 
chapter 7 
chapter 8  
chapter 9 
appendix 1 
appendix 2  
back cover

Version français

Chaptre 1
Chapitre 2
Chapitre 3
Chapitre 4
Chapitre 5
Chapitre 6
Chapitre 7
Chaptire 8
Chapitre 9
Chaptire 10
Annexe 1 et 2


Because of the low resolution of the pdf, some figures are unreadable. A readable version of these figures is available here. In the BW version these illustrations are in high resolution.

A number of equations from the Rock Manual are included in the computational suite Cress. Cress can be downloaded free of charge from: