catalog of prefabricated
coastal protection

Year 1950
Inventor Piere Danel & Paul Anglès d'Auriac
Country France
Company Laboratoire Dauphinois d'Hydraulique (now ARTELIA)
Layer coefficient k(sub>Δ 1.02
Shape coefficient ks 0.28
Stability number kd
7.2 (breaking); 8.3 (non-breaking)
Preferred design formula Van de Meer Tetrapod formula:
{\displaystyle {\frac {H_{s}}{\Delta \cdot d_{n}}}=\left(3.75\left({\frac {N_{od}}{\sqrt {N}}}\right)^{0.5}+0.85\right)s_{0m}^{-0.2}}


{\displaystyle {\frac {H_{s}}{\Delta \cdot d_{n}}}=\left(8.6\left({\frac {N_{od}}{\sqrt {N}}}\right)^{0.5}+3.94\right)s_{0m}^{0.2}}
Application 2 layer, random placement
Application range large waves
Patent MY6300031 (A)  1963-12-31 - Patent is expired
Trademark No trademark or copyright
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