Parameters used in the database

This figure shows the basic geometrical parameters for a rubble mound breakwater
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Some history

Around 2005 a co-operative project started between HR Wallingford UK and Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, to develop, populate, and then to apply a database on all major breakwaters around the world. It builds on, and revives, similar initiatives that originate in the late 1970s. This database was hosted on a TU Delft computer and further maintained by the Hydraulic Engineering Group of that university. The database became fully operational in 2010. After 2015 the maintenance and updates were somewhat neglected, but in 2020 a large update of the software was carried out, as well as an update of the breakwaters constructed between 2015 and 2020. Some older ones were also added. At the same moment, the database was integrated with the PIANC database of prefabricated breakwater elements (PIANC MarCom report 26) from 2004. Apart from a printed report the data were also available online via a website hosted by Beringuer Engenieros in Spain. Later, this database was not maintained any more, and even removed from the website. The information of that database has been incorporated in the present database, and updated with the latest developments.

This is a database prepared by HR Wallingford and TU Delft with the assistance of the international breakwater community and has been made freely available for the benefit of breakwater designers, contractors owners and developers worldwide. The database is subject to regular updating as information becomes available, however the development and maintenance of this database relies primarily on information supplied or published by third parties and no responsibility can be taken for the accuracy of data supplied.