Breakwater details


17 Italy - Cagliari Industrial Port      (Lat: 39.2 Lon: 9.1 - click for map)
Southern breakwater

Rubble mound
New breakwater

Main breakwater data:  
Length (m) 2120   owner
Waterdepth (m) 0   contractor Condotte
Construction time (years) 0   consultant Bonifica Roma
Start date (year) 1975   Hydraulic Laboratory
Completion date (year) 1981   comments
Construction costs($106) 0  
Design criteria  
Hs (m) 0  
Tz/Tp (s) 0/0  
slope/crest info
front slope 1:1.5 16 ton Tetrapod
rear slope 1:1.5 0 ton Rock
crestheight (m) 7  
crest/caisson width (m) 0  
wallheight (m) 0  
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Reference documents:
Albert, L, Almagia, [1981] Site investigation, instrumentation and construction of harbour works at Cagliari, La Spezia and Gioia Tauro, PIANC congress, 1981

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